Dr. Brian Blick – Intervening Before Pain Takes Over

Interventional pain physicians, also called interventional pain medicine specialists are doctors who specialize in evaluating and treating patients with chronic pain. Interventional pain physicians like Dr Brian Blick specialize in providing patients with small, precise treatment options, such as injections and minimally invasive surgery.

Interventional pain physicians work to diagnose and treat pain. They perform procedures to block or reduce pain signals from the nervous system, manage pain without medication, or eliminate the source of persistent pain.

Pain management is the primary focus of interventional pain physicians. You might see these doctors if you’re having trouble with medication side effects or problems with other noninvasive treatments for pain. Their mission is to improve the lives of people who suffer from chronic pain.

The Need for Pain Physicians

They are dedicated to providing patients with high-quality, comprehensive pain care and exceptional patient service. Interventional pain physicians are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. They offer an array of treatments for acute and chronic pain, including minimally invasive procedures designed to minimize inflammation and tissue damage.

Dr Brian Blick Interventional pain physicians diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic pain. They specialize in treating the causes of pain—not just the symptoms—and work together with patients to help them find lasting relief from chronic conditions.
Interventional Pain Physicians (IPPs) are the specialists in managing acute, chronic and cancer pain, who can offer patients more thoughtful, effective treatment options than just medication alone. With interventional procedures, they can address issues that aren’t being managed at all with other treatments.

Interventional pain physicians are board-certified specialists who perform the most advanced minimally invasive procedures, including epidural injections, trigger point injections and spine surgery. Many conditions can be treated through interventional pain management procedures. They offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of neurological disorders; they also provide minimally invasive treatments of painful conditions in all ages. These doctors are experts in a variety of interventional techniques and have achieved world-renowned status for the development of new techniques in the field of pain management.

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