Ogee Skirting Board: A Classic Profile

When it comes to interior decor or reconstruction, we often ignore the value of skirting boards. For individuals who may not know, skirting boards will be the elaborate moldings that go across the foundation of interior walls, in the role of a defensive buffer in between the wall structure and also the ground. Aside from their useful uses, skirting boards can come in a variety of styles that can add value to your house furnishings. In this article, we’ll investigate various skirting board types, their benefits, and how you can pick the best one particular for your residence.

Modern Skirting Boards

mdf skirting board are sleek and minimalistic, with direct facial lines and well-defined aspects that create a futuristic look. They generally come in many different shades, letting you complement those to your wall space or doors. They’re suitable for contemporary homes or anyone who wants to include a little bit of their individuality inside their interiors, because they develop a special modern-day appear. They’re very simple to clean and maintain, making them suitable for busy homeowners.

Standard Skirting Boards

Traditional skirting boards offer ornate patterns, strong shape, and protruding features that provide a traditional appear and feel to your rooms. They’re usually made out of substantial-high quality hardwood or any other high quality components, meaning they’re long-long lasting and present wonderful sturdiness. They’re an excellent option for period of time residences, where by they guide to restore the very first persona and charm of the property. They can also work effectively when combined with other related functions for example traditional microsoft windows or entrance doors.

Painted Skirting Boards

Piece of art skirting boards is the best way to combine your house design, as possible decide on colours that enhance or comparison your wall surfaces and surfaces. Decorated skirting boards are versatile and can easily be repainted or re-tinted as time passes to complement new developments or modifications in your home decorations. If you want bright or daring hues or dim and moody hues, then decorated skirting boards are a great way to provide a pop of coloration to your interiors.

Brought Backlit Skirting Boards

Brought backlit skirting boards can also add a fantastic element of gentle on the basic of your own surfaces that adjustments the mood of your house place. They’re energy-effective and give distinctive lights options that could convert the atmosphere of any space whilst offering a distinctive modern perspective to classic skirting boards. Directed backlit skirting boards are good for residences with present day structures or anyone that enjoys a vibrant and spectacular house inside.

Normal Wood Skirting Boards

Organic timber skirting boards provide a comfortable, organic and natural sense to your room and are an excellent choice for anybody who likes a minimalist design and style. They feature wonderful durability, along with proper care, they could last a long time. They’re also eco-helpful and increase other normal components in your house decor.


Skirting boards may appear unimportant with regards to house renovation, but they enjoy an important role in including the completing details to your home design. The five designs we’ve showcased in this article run from classic to present day, which means you might still find the appropriate skirting board fashion that suits along with your personality and decor in your home. Remember, no matter if you favor all-natural timber, colored, conventional elaborate designs, or contemporary and sleek, skirting boards are a fun way to improve your property decoration and accentuate your walls and floors.