Today’s Toto Macau Output Unveiled: Get the Latest Results

Toto Macau, also called the Macau Lotto, is a popular lottery video game in Macau by using a huge following. The video game is provided by Macau SLOT and is founded on 7 out of 49 structure. The players need to choose 7 phone numbers from the range of 1 to 49, and when all seven of their chosen numbers match with the succeeding phone numbers, they are able to win massive amounts of funds. With this blog post, we will expose the latest Toto Macau results and give an current review of the prizes.

The latest toto macau production results (hasil pengeluaran toto macau) draw was kept on August 8, 2021. The profitable numbers for the bring are 03, 06, 13, 25, 26, 40, and also the unique variety is 47. However, no player was able to match up all seven phone numbers, contributing to no major champions this time. However, there was a good amount of other champions who successfully matched a number of the phone numbers.

Within this Toto Macau draw, there are an absolute of 44,527 winning tickets distributed. The complete prize pool just for this bring was HKD 11,499,516. The 1st prize, which is accorded for coordinating all seven numbers, had no champ. The second and next prizes, given for coordinating six and several figures, respectively, had 2 and 225 victors, respectively. The reward sums to the second and next prize winners were actually HKD 335,186 and HKD 7,249, respectively.

The fourth and 5th prizes, which can be granted for coordinating four and about three figures, correspondingly, had 4,862 and 39,302 champions. The winning prize amounts for that 4th and fifth winning prize winners were actually HKD 160 and HKD 40, correspondingly. Lastly, the special prize, granted for successfully coordinating the special quantity, had 40,507 winners. The reward sum for your particular prize champions was HKD 10.

So if you played Toto Macau this time around and obtained lucky enough to complement several of the phone numbers, congratulations! You might be now officially a success.


Toto Macau can be a enjoyable and fascinating lottery online game that gives players with the ability to succeed vast amounts in reward money. Even though this draw was without any big winners, there have been plenty of more compact champions who successfully coordinated some of the figures. Be on the lookout for the upcoming Toto Macau pull to become a fortunate victor your self!

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